The Families of Chris and Channon

The parent's unbearable pain and loss, brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews, grandparents, and so many close friends.
Channon & Chris Graves
Chris' sister and Deena Christian
Channon and her brother Chase
Chris Ploaque
Channon's family
Channon and her parents
Channon and her father
Channon's mother and best friend Kara
Outside the Courthouse
Hugh and Mary Newsom
Channon's family
A mother's heartache
A small Victory
A fathers anguish
Gary and Deana Christian
Kara (Channon's best friend) and Chase (Channon's brother)
Chris Gravesite
No words
Mary and Hugh Newsom
Hooters Fundraiser
Deena & Gary Christian
Chase (Channon's brother) and Channon
Undescribable sorrow
Chase Christian (Channon's brother)
Hugh and Mary Newsom
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