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This website as a tribute to Chris Newsom and Channon Christian and their families who have had to endure the most unimaginable evil.

I reside in Atlanta, GA and have been following this story since I came upon it.   Never in my lifetime would I believe something so horrible could happen to innocent people.  Crimes are committed everyday in this country but for some reason this has impacted me and many other people more than any other.  I guess the real unforgivable anger lies with the torture.  I believe that anyone who tortures someone deserves the death penalty.  I pray that some day the laws will be changed to stop such horrible acts of violence.  To murder is bad enough but to put innocent victims through hell and back with torture is pure evil and should not be tolerated!  Chris and Channon did not deserve this - what a horrific ending to two beautiful and wonderful lives filled with so much love.  No one has the right to cause such fear to someone else.  They were just on a date and minding their own business.  It is unimaginable what must have gone through their minds.
Evil took their lives but God took their souls.
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I live in California but was born in Cincinnati, Ohio many years ago. I had been to Knoxville several times when I was growing up and always loved the experience since my favorite college football team was U.T.

In January of 2007, I saw a report of this case in a blurb on the Web. I remember thinking how unbelievable it was. The more I learned about the crime the angrier I grew. My reaction was not racial, but hatred for anyone who could perpetrate such a series of evil acts.

I remember thinking at the time how weird it was that there was little mention of this crime in the National news. I made a note to revisit this case in about 18-months when the trials would begin. But, as I stated, there was no news reporting out here and I forgot about the case.

Then Travon Martin happened. I guess it was seeing Reverend Al and Jessie Jackson along with all the other "rush to judgment" folks screaming about justice that made me remember the Murders in Knoxville. 

The next 4-days I wish I could have back. I ultimately read every news account, saw every possible You Tube video, and became obsessed with the murders of Channon and Chris, the trials of the 5-defendents, the agony of the parents of Channon and Chris, and the great disservice Judge Baumgartner perpetrated on every one involved (except the defendants).

Before I go any further I need to make a confession...I am writing this in hope that I will feel hope that I can find some kind of peace of mind. I have never been affected by a situation that doesn't directly involve myself or love ones as I have with this horrible travesty. 

Living in California makes me an outsider, which in this case is not bad. I am also a retired attorney so I do have some knowledge and understanding about our Judicial System. With the reader's indulgence, I would like express my opinion on various elements of this entire situation that I have gleamed from all the information that I have digested. Today is May 11, 2012. The following statements are in no specific order or priority.

1. I commend the individuals who created and helped to create this is a beautiful testament to Channon, Chris, their parents and friends. 

2. I think that the reporting and tenaciousness of Jaime Satterfield is as good as it gets. She is a first-class reporter and Knoxville is lucky to have her; because San Francisco could use her.

3. To the Knox County Medical Examiner, Dr. Darinka Mileusnic-Polchan, you're smart, tough, and one of the most critical parts of this case. I loved your toughness and your knowledge when you testified and more so on cross-examination.

4. Judge Baumgartner: You are a very selfish man and I do hope that there is more to come from the Justice System. Being disbarred is a good first step, but you hurt a lot of good people and should see the inside of a jail cell. I understand addiction, but weighed against the circumstances of this entire case, you have no excuse.

5.To the Prosecutors: Based on my view from the You Tube videos, you did a really solid job and I only hope you are up for the task ahead as I am sure you will be. 

6. To all of law enforcement...Knoxville P.D., FBI, ATFE, TBI etc. you did good my opinion.

7. To the Defense attorneys for all of the defendants. As I watched the excerpts from all 5-trials, I realized that these 5 defendants had top representation...a fact that I applauded. However, every one of you should look in the mirror and ask yourself is that really me. I have several good friends that are defense attorneys so I know the mindset. 

The team that defended Davidson should be ashamed of themselves. You are what gives Lawyers their horrible reputation. You are supposed to do everything within your power to see that your client is fairly tried. BUT, you don't have the right to put the victims on trial when you know that the things you are alleging have no merit. All you cared about was winning...enhancing your careers. So, are you an embarrassment? Absolutely. I played some of these videos for one of California's top defense attorneys in Capital cases and he cringed. It's too bad that you have immunity from a Libel suit, which I think you would lose.

8. Side note to the parents of Channon and Chris: You are terrific parents and your kids would be so very proud of you. The pain you are suffering is unlike anything imaginable. For what it is worth...Assuming that Cobbins, Davidson, and Thomas get the same sentences in the up coming trials, rest assured that Cobbins and Thomas will not enjoy the rest of their lives in Jail. I totally agree that both should have been sentenced to death, but since they weren't and can't be on retrial, from my experience, they will hate being locked up for their remaining years.

9. Lemaricus Davidson: I pray that you get convicted and sentenced to death. I hope that it takes several years before they finally pull the plug so you can lament your wasted life, realize what an evil person you are, and try and get God to forgive you. You know in your case God won't.

  Letalvis Cobbins: I hope you get life without parole and I hope you also realize what a terrible embarrassment you are to your loved ones. Why the jury didn't give you Death is beyond me...You did a lot more than you admitted on the witness stand. I also think you are going to hate the rest of your life all confined. You weren't as hard-core as your brother so I think life without parole will weigh heavily on will not like it.

  George Thomas: What a joke you are. Weak and real dumb. Your lawyers saved you and maybe that's not so bad. You are going to hate being in prison for the rest of your life. 

  Vanessa Coleman: You are the epitome of scum to me. You deserve to be sent away for life. Reading between the lines, there is no question in my mind that you watched over Channon and also abused her physically. You were jealous and were just as much a part of this crime as the rest of them. Hopefully, you will get 53 years on your retrial. If you do, I think it will be enough to let you think about the decisions you made that January.

  Eric Boyd: As of now, you appear to have gotten away with murder. But big E remember - there is no statute of limitations on murder and I think someday you will have to pay the piper.

10. To Channon and Chris: You remind me of my friends when I was your age. You remind me of all the hopes and dreams good people have. You remind me of kids that loved your parents, your friends, and your families. You both knew what Love both felt it and you gave it. Now God has you and if you are able to do so, give your Parents and loved ones a sign that you are Okay...they need it. From the bottom of my heart