One of the worst acts of violence for absolutely no reason inflicted on two innocent young adults which never even made the national news.  

.  A beautiful, young couple carjacked and after hours (longer for Channon) of torture, repeated rapes of both, then brutally murdered.  Channon Christian (21) and Chris Newsom's (23) lives were taken on January 7, 2007 at the hands of five vicious criminals  in Knoxville, TN while on a date.  They had only been dating for a few months, but they were in love.  If you could for a moment imagine the worst kind of fear and pain then this is what Channon and Chris endured.  Imagine for a moment if it had been your child and how your world would crumble before you.  This crime was out of the ordinary and that is why there are so many people still talking about it three years later and will continue to talk about it for years to come.  

Two innocent kids, in the prime of their lives, minding their own business and then blindsided by the worst kind of evil. For Chris and Channon this must have been a nightmae beyond belief at the hands of five mocking, demented individuals who had no remorse or sympathy for their unimaginable pain and degregation.

Chris and Channon were both popular and had lots of friends who loved them.  Chris was a trim carpenter and Channon a Senior at the University of Tennessee.  They were from loving families and both still lived at home.  That itself shows the close bond between Channon and Chris and their parents.   We can't even imagine how Chris must of felt as he was tortured and raped in front of Channon and could do nothing in that situation to save himself or her.  You can't even imagine how Channon must have felt being forced to watch.  This is torture that is beyond physical.  What was going through their minds no one could possibly grasp.  Since the news media chose not to highlight this tragedy then anything that can be done to bring awareness to how an innocent evening can turn into a nightmare right here in America is our mission.  If this can happen to Chris and Channon then it can happen to anyone.

This was an exceptionally cruel carjacking and abduction that turned into prolonged torture, violence and murder.  No remorse has been shown by any of the murderers and not one of the five chose to do the right thing by these kids.  Any one of them could have called 911 but chose not to.  It boggles the mind how five cold blooded murderers could bare to hear the cries, pleading and screams of the victims and do nothing.   Pure evil!  Chris and Channon's lives were snuffed out for no reason at all.  They could have been any one of our kids.   They were kind and loving with beautiful spirits.  Gone now at the hands of monsters.


Remembering Chris and Channon
​January 7, 2007

An unbelivable most horrific crime on two completely innocent young adults by five complete strangers.
Dedicated to Chris Newsom and Channon Christian Copyright - 2010 - All Rights Reserved