Wounded Wings
From Chris and Channon to the Murderers

With wounded wings we were falling
The fear as we were going down.
We prayed somehow we could be saved
But you made sure that we weren’t found.
The pain you caused us was very brief
And through God we were carried home.
Now we’re together in a beautiful place
But for all eternity you’ll be alone.

Just one of you could have helped us
And given us the chance to get away
But that night you sealed your fate
So now it’s you who better pray.
It was bad enough you took our lives
But the torture you put us through
It’s something that can never be forgiven
Just think if it had been you.

We’re angry you hurt our families
As you smugly ignored our cries
That night you ended your lives too
Still you hide the truth with lies.
You took our bodies but not our soul
That’s the one thing you couldn’t take.
So now you’re forever damned to hell
A nightmare that you’ll never escape.

Chris & Channon
No Boundaries 2010©