An Unseen World
Dedicated to the Families of Chris and Channon

There’s a bright light that shines in heaven
For all who enter there
God greets and reunites us one by one
To a world without despair
A beautiful unseen world awaits us
When our time here’s done
A world that’s calm and peaceful
And a brand new life’s begun.

A place that’s void of worry or pain
Only a wondrous paradise
Where we will be rewarded eternally
For any personal sacrifice
His healing hands comfort and renew
All who suffered here
There will be no more anguish and there
Will be no more fear

There’s a plan for all of us which is
Often hard to understand
But God heals and grants eternal life
To all who take his hand
Everyone you ever loved will forever
Be a part of your being
You will be together again for they’re
Waiting in a world unseen

No Boundaries 2010©