Chipman Street - An American Tragedy
For Chris Newsom and Channon Christian

All that's left are pictures and sweet memories of you now
But for thousands of strangers you've come to life somehow
Internet postings of a beautiful innocent boy and girl
Living the American dream without a worry in the world
The smiles in your photographs make us smile too
So many hearts are breaking for what was done to you.
She his fairytale princess and he her white knight
Two young and beautiful kids emerging into flight
Making your way through life anticipating every day
So much to do with nothing standing in your way
The sky was the limit as you reached for your dreams
And so sadly it was the end for you or so it seems

Sadness fills our hearts with on-going grief
All that's left for us now is anger and disbelief
You can't right a wrong that was so very wrong
Just can find it in our heart's to forgive
The road to recovery will be eternally long
And won't happen as long as we shall live

The story took a while and still hasn't made its rounds
Innocence lost so senseless and totally out of bounds
Beauty and strength within your souls stolen away
You never got the chance to see another wondrous day
An unimaginable evil crossed your paths that night
Wish we were your hero and somehow made it right
Both of your family's lives have been forever shattered
Even perfect strangers know just how much you mattered
On that fateful January night when all hope was ceased
Blindsided out of nowhere such madness was unleashed
Clinging to this tragedy of yours we can’t seem to let it go
Hoping deep down inside that somehow you know.

No Boundaries 2010 copyright