Sweet Little Girl
For Channon Christian

When we found out about you it was a special kind of day.
As I waited for you patiently lullabies in my head would play.
I’d close my eyes so softly never ending images of your face.
Lying cuddled in my womb sweet girl - a baby full of grace.
Nine months of anticipation with our family now complete.
As your mommy I sheltered you in me my little girl so sweet.

Your Daddy big and strong could hardly wait to hold you tight.
He’d gently put his hand on my belly when you kicked at night.
So many times your dad and I thanked the good lord above.
You would be our precious girl another miracle for us to love.
The happiness you gave to us and the things that we had planned
Now you’ve been taken away and it’s so hard to understand.

God has borrowed you for a reason we don’t know right now.
If the tears ever stop we’ll find a way to carry on some how.
Everything in life has a purpose that’s what the wise men say.
Sadly we’ll accept that answer as we look to a better day.
We knew you were special and that’s why God chose you.
So gently we give you back to him he must have known it too.

Love forever baby girl,

Mom and Dad

No Boundaries 2010©