To Mom and Dad
From Chris and Channon

Please don’t cry for me even though it seems I’m gone
I’ll be with you in scriptures and I’ll be with you in song.
I’ll be the gentle breeze that blows on you in the morning air.
If you’ll just take a look around you’ll feel me everywhere.

Close your eyes and think of me when you’re feeling down.
I’ll be forever by your side because I’m still around.
I’ll be walking next to you with every step you make.
I’ll feel your joy and your pain with every breath you take.

There’s no doubt about it I’m still cradled in your heart
Even though you can’t see me we’re never far apart.
When you’re sad or lonely and you’ve hit your lowest low.
I’ll be waiting just for you - for without you I won’t go

When you gaze at the stars I’ll be shining way up there.
In the summer’s sun it’s me glistening in your hair.
I’m one of the million raindrops falling every now and then.
We will never truly leave the place where we’ve once been.

When you go to sleep at night and wake to a brand new day.
I am right beside you because I never really went away.
We live this life for a while and then we move on to more.
Death isn’t the end for any of us it only opens another door.

Love Eternally,
Chris & Channon

No Boundaries 2010©