Our Angels
Chris and Channon

Our beautiful, darling children have left our world today,
We’ll never be the same now that they’ve gone away.
While they were in our lives - oh, how we were truly blessed,
It fills our hearts with such pain to put these children to rest.
As long as we shall live we’ll never understand this tragedy,
Our precious grown up children were bigger than life you see.

Forever we will be haunted with never ending pain,
Knowing we’ll never have the chance to see them smile again.
We’d give anything to have them come bouncing through the door,
At home and safe in their beds to hold both close once more.
They were an eternal part of us and it’s so hard to let them go,
As parents our only hearts desire was to help our children grow.

Can’t even imagine for one second how we will ever get past this,
The endless tears we shed are for these beautiful children we’ll miss.
Perhaps one day our shattered souls will find a way to heal,
We’ll need your strength to help us through the torment that we feel.
Let the sun come shining through our lives again and mend our family.
Please give us hope that we can be thankful again for thee.

As we walk in the path of darkness with a hurt that’s hard to bear,
And we fall to our knees in disbelief our hearts filled with despair.
Two beautiful special children whose time with us was through,
This calms our fears and dries our tears to know they’re safe with you.
Now that their short lives have ended and our time with them is done,
We know they’re angels here with us, because you’ve made them one.

No Boundaries 2010©